” Wednesday Night Flicks “

Coming February 25th 2015 were showing a movie then live music  starts immediately after.  Our first flick will be Pulp Fiction starting at 8:30 at Audie’s Olympic Tavern.  Come and enjoy complimentary popcorn with great drink specials. Music played after show will be movie based for a bit.  Since were showing Pulp Fiction I will play some cuts with that gritty Tarantino vibe.  21+ no cover


Cumbia Bass Mixtape!

I finally recorded one of my nights thanks to dj Dog Plasma! Haven’t recorded any mixtapes in years so it feels good to have something to listen to. That night Dog Plasma captured a bit of “Cumbia Bass”, two hours worth. Cumbia Bass is a night at Veni Vidi Vici bar in Fresno, Ca. We have one every other month helping progress our latin culture and heritage into the future. The candles will be lit, Aztec visuals projected, and the sounds of a Cumbia hybrid will be played. That being said, it is a bar so we do jump out of our format for a minute but we always come back. The Tequila and cold mexican beers flow freely alongside the rhythms of the night making this one of my favorite nights to perform. I hope you enjoy the mixes of dj Dog Plasma and myself. Free download below.




Merry Christmas!

Tis the season for Christmas parties. Had the pleasure of playing for Madera community hospital again this year. They are a fun group of people who love to dance! Next was Toys for Tots at the Elbow Room in Fig Garden Village. I must say I am glad everyone made it off the dancefloor! Those folks were going hard sweating and dancing all five hours I was playing. Now NYE is upon us and I have decided not to work that night. My beautiful wife birthday is that day so I will be dancing the night away with her this year. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Here is a nice video from 2012 (Madera Community Christmas Party with dj Don-D)


Movie Poster

Im currently taking a photoshop class and the final assignment is to create a movie poster. I used my daughter as the main character since she is a Hip Hop dancer and incorporated the tittle”Bodyrock” of my monthly gig. Bodyrock was originally the name of my B-Boy crew in the early 80’s. I am trying to convey a story of a young girl that is going to succeed against all odds.

Bodyrock Movie

IL- Fated featuring Metaphysical- Rhyme Flow

Here is my old friend Metaphysical from Los Angeles  still doing his thang on the mic.  Meta is a veteran lyricist who has been grinding it with the pin & paper for years.  Recently, we licensed our track Rhyme Flow  in the upcoming film ‘Teacher of the Year“.  This  is the new video of Metaphysical on the track Rhyme Flow featured in the film:

 check him out here: http://www.reverbnation.com/metap7

New Projects…

Well, summer is about to start and I have a couple of new projects brewing in the laboratory. First up is a quick music bed I had the pleasure of creating for my old friend Josh Ganshorn.  Josh has a new video of one of his latest creations , “The Tarmac Ladder”.  I created a funky breakbeat track with scratching & samples along with some help from Mike Mendoza that will be featured in the video. I will post video soon so come back & give a listen.600881_559505377425814_345079491_n

Josh & his wife Jen own Able & Baker design’s in Ventura Ca.

Tarmac Ladder Video here:

Next project is not exactly new but this is the first time I have mentioned it. I’m very excited to complete, release, and see what type of response we receive. For the last year now I have been working on a Cumbia west coast hip hop sounding project called “Los Mas Chingones”. I will be working hard to wrap up, mixed down, and master for a July release. Here is a sample of a Los Mas Chingones remix we released a while ago from Maroon 5’s song one more night.